We are excited to announce that we are taking part in NowRuz festival at Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts. Filled with music and fun for children and adults, embracing Persian new year and customs.

16th of March 2019

Goldfish representing life

We are bringing exclusive items to this event. Maryam has been working very hard to create hand-painted plates, jars, bowls, and containers (all glass and china) for Haftsin table. In addition, she has prepared some special items great for gifts and house decoration if you are looking forward to giving your friends and family a special something.

Last year we had a lot of request for Maryam’s Rose pattern

We also have more good news. Some of the items that we have available can be further customized. Add names, patterns, or shapes to your favorite item on the table and Maryam will add it for you on the spot. Most of our table use items are baked so you can easily wash and use them daily if you so desire.

So, don’t forget to come visit us at our booth and make sure you buy tickets before attending. I will be leaving the link below this post. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Link To Buying Tickets

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